Cait Pool



Young Sheldon                      Co-Star              Chuck Lorre

Sun Records                          Recurring          Roland Joffé/CMT

Vice Principals                       Recurring          David Gordon Green/HBO

Halt and Catch Fire               Co-Star               Daisy Mayer/AMC Productions

Party Girl Web Series           Lead                   Taurian Films/Bj Lewis


Christmas on the Coast             Lead                     Dir. Gary Wheeler/Isp Films

Adventures on Willow Street    Lead                     Dir. Brad Corn/DTFW Prod

Chilling with the Carters            Lead                     Dir. Xai Homechan

Raquel Krelle Photography

Available Upon Request

Commercial, Industrial, and Modeling

2018 Young Playwrights Fest. LA             Lead                          Dir Rebecca Eisenberg/Blank Theater

2016/2017 Young Playwrights Fest. LA   Lead                          Dir Warren Davis/The Blank Theater

Happily Never After                                   Helga/Lead               McKinney Performing Arts Center

Zink: The Myth, the Legend, the Zebra   Schlep/Lead             Athens OAP

Backstage Pass to Comedy Alley             Improv Performer   DYAS Performing Arts Center

Artistocats                                                    Marie/Lead              Henderson Co. Performing Arts Center

To Kill a Mockingbird                                  Scout/Lead               Dogwood Dinner Theater


Training & Workshops

Lauren Dickey Lazell          Dallas TX 2013-17                scene study/cold read/drama/comedy/auditioning/improv/theatrical

LA Prep                                 Shreveport, LA 2014-15      scene study/cold read/memorization/improv/auditioning

Nancy Chartier                    Dallas 2014, 2015                 scene study/auditioning/cold read

Guy Stevenson                    Los Angeles 2014-15            Groundlings – comedy/improv

Theresa Bell                         Dallas 2014                           scene study/auditioning/drama and comedy

Cathryn Hartt                       Dallas 2014                           scene study/cold read/comedy/improv

Deb Dion                              Los Angeles 2013-14           scene study/cold read/drama/comedy/auditioning techniques

Natalie Aimes                      Los Angeles 2014                 dialect coach/British dialects

Irene Dreayer                      Los Angeles 2014                 scene study/auditioning techniques

Antonio DeNardo                Dallas, TX 2013-14               scene study/cold read/drama/comedy/auditioning techniques/improv

Dallas Lovato                       Los Angeles 2014                 scene study/cold read/auditioning techniques/drama/comedy

Kathryn Slaughter               Dallas 2011-13                      scene study/cold read/drama/comedy/auditioning techniques/improv